Carmen Callaway,Vanilla Deville porn In: Vanilla Deville Cast Carmen Callaway Ep1 - S2:E6

Description: The classy Vanilla Deville brings out the naughty side in our sweet and sexy first-timer Carmen Callaway

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 Carmen Callaway,Vanilla Deville
Full video Description: Carmen likes to wear see through shirts with no bra just to tease boys! Sounds like she is good for the part already! Vanilla Deville has Carmen show us her petite body by having her remove everything but her thong I would rather any day work with an open personality than a defensive girl even if the defensive girl is more intelligent or attractive I wanted someone with a bit more confidence so I thought let’s try someone more mature Carmen starts to tease us more by showing us her shaved pussy while she plays with her tiny tits If she continues to be a model she will really be successful xnxx tenn teen party porn skinny ebony porn Most of you might not know that name but if you were around years ago you would know of both Danni and Vanilla She was instantly better than Cali at interviewing the model and helping her with her sexuality Vanilla is very confident and exudes sexuality Now that both girls are hot and horny, they start rubbing Carmen's clit and ass Enter Vanilla Deville, who was one of the first models on the net to have her own site Stay tuned for next week, you do not want to miss it Carmen was one of my favorite models to work with Carmen has never had sex on video before, but she is excited to show us she has what it takes to be a Nubiles model! Vanilla Deville tries to bring out Carmen's sexuality by asking her some naughty questions Not only that but after working with her a few times we abandoned our formula and instead just captured the action as it naturally happens Making things even hotter, she has Carmen bend over to show off her plump curvy ass so she can spank it hard free porn 18 With Cali taking a break from being an agent I thought I would try someone with different qualities Gorgeous Vanilla Deville steps in to show Carmen how hard she can make her nipples by helping her rub them Right when Carmen is hot and ready, we bring in one of our lucky studs! Carmen shows us how good she can deep throat his thick cock I gave Vanilla my vision of what I was looking to accomplish and then let her do her thing We have brought back our very sexy Vanilla Deville to interview the sweet Carmen Callaway She was so honest and open that it was really refreshing Carmen seems to have done a very good job, so we will be sure to bring her back for more fun!Director’s notes:I tried a different approach here on this scene with a casting agent As a director I feel that taking this vision of showing the behind the scenes of how we really interact with models during the casting turned out to be more difficult once the cameras came on teen boy sex Vanilla did great as well during the sex but after watching what we shot I felt like something was wrong Vanilla is a great teacher and could probably teach us all a lesson about having great sex There really was no connection between Vanilla and the model or between Vanilla and the couple I am not sure what it was, maybe the age difference or something, but Vanilla just didn’t seem to be excited about them having sex in the same way that Cali or some of our other casting agents did Carmen really did great for one of her first scenes The scenes shot are some of the best ever and the sex matched it big tits orgasm However, the next week we met our best casting director ever Maybe Danni’s Harddrive was earlier, not sure
Stars: Carmen Callaway,Vanilla Deville